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Product Description:


The Pentair WhisperFlo Pool Pump provides the best in water flow while keeping energy consumption at all time lows. Expect the best when owning a Pentair Pump.

Pool Pump Features

  • 2 HP full rated pool pump
  • Large see-through strainer
  • Over-sized volute
  • For residential or commercial applications
  • Durable Construction
  • Energy efficient
  • Improved water flow with patented Funnel-Flo-Diffusers
  • Higher performance using less horsepower
  • Longer lasting motor that doesn't require additional lubrication

The WhisperFlo Pump combines the best in high performance, durability, energy consumption while operating at whisper-quiet operation. The pump is constructed with thermoplastic housing, a stainless steel motor shaft, and sealed bearings for added durability. The housing provides added protection in extreme heat and resists corrosion while the steel motor shaft and sealed bearings ensure the pump will never need additional lubrication.

Pentair WhisperFlo 2 HP

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